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This is an unique treatment to reduce pain and edema after the any Cosmetic Surgery. It will eliminate dimples, uneven skin, seromas and fibrosis (internal scarring), that are very common to occur especially after a Liposuction.
My goal is to help every single patient to have a better experience during the healing process and a successful post operative result.​
Why is this treatment important?
Planning a post-operative treatment and enough recovery time after the procedure before returning to your normal activities is VERY important. 
It is very common to experience discomfort, swelling and bruising after any plastic surgery procedure and there are not many options to handle these uncomfortable symptoms, but there is one massage technique called Lymphatic Drainage Massage that will be very beneficial to the recovery process.
One of the main functions of the lymphatic system is to drain the excess interstitial fluid that accumulates in the tissues (all that normal swelling you experience daily). During the surgery the lymph vessels are traumatized and the flow of the lymph is interrupted contributing to increase of the edema, discomfort and reduce the healing time.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) is a massage technique that stimulates the lymph nodes, decongest the lymphatic system and improve this circulation. It will decrease swelling, bruising and pain, helping you to heal faster and get better results.

The treatment that I offer will also prevent dimples, uneven skin and fibrosis (scar tissue), that are very common to occur after a Liposuction, leaving many patients very unsatisfied after the surgery. (It is very important to follow the recommended number of sessions in the first 3 weeks PO for a successful. )
After years of experience in rehabilitation and massotherapy fields, I am confident to offer the early post-operative treatment after the following cosmetic procedures:
- Breast Augmentation and Breast Reduction
- Rhinoplasty
- Facelift
- Tummy Tuck
- Liposuction
- Brazilian Butty Lift -BBL
When should you start the treatment?

As soon as possible!!
The moment you wake up from your surgery, you will feel discomfort, edema and pain. The main benefit of the treatment I offer is to relieve all those uncomfortable symptoms.
This massage technique is very gentle in the early stages of your recovery, so it is very safe to start 24-72 hours after the surgery and committing to a certain number of massage sessions on the first 3 weeks is necessary.  (it may vary depending on the type of surgery you had, but it is very beneficial after any procedure)

If you had liposuction done and wait more than 3 weeks to start the massages, there is a bigger chance to form fibrosis (hard lumps) and uneven skin. So don’t wait too long to book your first session.

Recommended Treatment
       1st  week Post OP  - 3 to 5 sessions
2nd week Post OP - 3 sessions
3rd  week Post OP - 2-3 sessions

Clients who followed this treatment experienced a more satisfactory recovery​​. Those who did not follow it, complained about scar tissue/fibrosis formation 3 weeks post op.
Learn more about fibrosis
Fibrosis is inevitable. It occurs during the healing process after Liposuction, when your body is forming new tissue to repair the trauma caused by the cannula. This internal scaring that is being formed does not have the same elasticity, softness, texture, and will work differently when it's stretched, pulled etc.
Signs of fibrosis are not noticeable in the first 2 weeks, but you will start to feel and see it after 14 days. Eventually, your stomach will be lumpy and your skin will be tight, darker and feel like leather. Those irregularities it will continue to aggravate on the first couple of months post operative.
Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Post op treatment we offer are essential to minimize the accumulation of fluids. More swelling means more internal scarring in the spaces between the tissues. If present, fibrosis in initial stages (14-21 days) is much easier to treat than older scars.
Proper use of the garment, foam, abdominal board and a good posture will also help the recovery.
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